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My name is Ivan Samokish and this is my official website…for promoting my work…

I am a web developer and self-published author working to bring all my ideas to life. This is my personal site, dedicated to my writing and other projects. I prefer to write fiction with a touch of insight into complex social or psychological issues, but not always. My inspiration comes from authors such as Mikhail Bulgakov, Charles Dickens, Alexander Dumas and Leo Tolstoy.

Division Clock is my debut work and offers a surreal insight into the workings of the mind of a protagonist who has lost all hope. If you are looking for something deep, dark and imaginative, then this story is for you. If you prefer to read something that questions all your assumptions of how and where you expect a story to lead you, this is for you. The writing aims to reflect the kaleidoscopic stream of thoughts of a person lost in their own melancholia, bordering on downright insanity.

Warning from the author: If you are looking for a book that aims to only entertain, this might not be a book for you. I can only offer you a glimpse into the darkness. What you make of it is entirely up to you.

#available as an ebook and in paperback.

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Division Clock is…a story about a tormented mind longing for peace…

“…tossed into a anomalous kaleidoscopic swirl of radiant colors and impossible shapes. Illustriously formed pentagrams surged passed with a swish, cutting off a taft of hair. Cyan and razzmatazz reached out with strings of light to caress the neck and shoulders soothingly. Arsenic and feldgrau puffed out of a gaseous crater, enveloping him entirely in a miasmic smoke and seeped into his nostrils and mouth.

The gas slowly started causing him to cough and choke involuntarily. As he kept perpetually falling, his lungs seared with pain at every fresh breath. A mikado leaped out in the shape of a dragon and burst out a torrent of vermillion flames, blinding his vision momentarily. With a loud pop, a cataclysmically large explosion of colors took place.

The shapes collapsed and imploded into a large dark mass that smacked his body with the force of a high energy sound concussion. He blacked out entirely…”

…Chapter 6, “Lost Route”…

Umma Gamma
[coloring book] #available

The goal of this coloring book is to find as many words as possible from each letter collage and to color them in! Each collage has been created using an initial list of words. This list will be provided next to each letter collage. Beside this list, is a space for you to write in any additional words you have managed to find. You can mark off each word found as you find it or ignore the list altogether and find individual words at your own pace. You many even choose not to find any words at all! Just color in the letters as you deem fit! You can download the full PDF edition for free below to print and color in! Check out the video review above by Jennifer Rose Shaffer, the admin of The Creative Coloring Book Group!


Silaris: Rulia’s Awakening
[fantasy] #inprogress

A story about a mysterious vessel…Coming soon….

An ambitious people called the Sorlians hope to conquer the planet of Silaris and its four continents: Alania, Terranos, Sorl and Ardania. By wielding a vessel housing a limitless source of energy, a young winged Alanian girl is the key to the planet’s future.

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Soviet Express
[pixel game] #inprogress

A retro-pixel game for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android…Coming soon….

What’s the game about? I am currently developing the concept art and working on a demo (followed by a gameplay video!). A more detailed description of the game is on the way! It will be a fun strategy/action sidescroller!

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[fantasy card game] #availablesoon

Qwist is a fantasy card game inspired by Bridge and printed on tarot-style cards. Qwist has simple rules, but endless player combinations!

Each card deck features original illustrations based on characters in my upcoming novel. Each deck will include 46 cards printed on high-quality tarot-card style card stock. Each deck comes with an instruction booklet and sealed in a custom tuck box.

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[ebook+ewriter] #delayed

A portable eink writing device and ebook reader

[online browser game] #inprogress

Choose from 20 starter beasts, battle, evolve, explore!

Umma Gamma
[mobile game] #inprogress

A word puzzle game for iOS & Android