My name is Ivan Samokish and I am currently a self-published author. Thank you for visiting my site, whoever you might be…

I am a self-published author with Ukrainian roots. I like to travel when possible, collect vinyl records, go fishing, cook delicious food, polish my quilting skills and go for long walks in parks. This is my personal site, dedicated to my two main hobbies: writing stories and coming up with a slew of various themed projects. I always have many stories and other ideas brewing and sometimes I work to bring them to life. This site is a venue for all of that.

Ever since I can remember, I have always questioned the existing forces that affect our everyday lives. I have always wondered why we make the choices we make, what influences those choices and how our day-to-day existence is shaped by a myriad of factors not limited to politics, social institutions, cultural schemas, religious beliefs and our own physical embodiment in the universe.

I am a skeptic at heart, and it is sometimes difficult to accept any “truth”, since I have always grown up realizing that everything is subjective, relative and in constant flux.

It might be my curious nature that led me to receive a double major in Criminology and Sociology, but even then I barely earned it due to my zeal to question everything I was taught (and my chronic laziness).

For me, a story is a way to pose thought-provoking questions, stir the imagination and never stop being skeptical, but not always. Personally, I do not like writing a plot with a clear beginning, middle or end (even though this is required in a story). Perhaps it is because I never liked the rigid structure of writing ingrained into students during school that now I have a chance to protest it in any way I want. My first novel is perhaps that protest: a personal statement of choosing to write the way I want, how I want.

If anyone should come to like my stories or projects, I thank you warmly. If anyone should not like them for any reason, I respect those reasons. I have pursued my writing and projects despite any noticeable readership and popularity and I have long stopped imagining or dreaming of achieving some kind of life-changing profits from them. What I post here on my site – these are visions that I have chosen to share. Because why not? Maybe someone might like them. Feel free to contact me with any questions, but only reasonable inquiries will be answered.