Alexander Luria – A Small Book About a Big Memory

220px-LuriaAlexander Luria was a neuropsychologist and developmental psychologist who had lived and worked in the Soviet Union, a founder of Cultural-Historical Psychology as well as the Vygotsky Circle (Wikipedia).

You can read all about this cool guy on Wikipedia. A while back during my studies, I came across his work while doing research for some essay (for which I got a low mark) and decided to translate one of his most interesting works from Russian into English. Having browsed through the available translations, I noticed just now jagged and ugly they were compared to the original Russian. I’m not entirely sure what spurred me on to waste a few days of my time, attempting to get it right, but it certainly was not profit nor an attempt to impress anyone else. Judging by the low mark I received in my psychology class, I was certain that it was not because of any failure to understand the material in any sense.

I thought to myself – well, those translators are trying the best they can to translate exactly what is written. But, at the same time it seemed as though they were trying so hard that they shunned any creative translation. By creative translation I do not mean making up that which is not there. It means doing the best to translate the feel, tone and expression of another language. This is what I have attempted to do in my translation of “A Small Book About A Big (Vast) Memory”. I tried to translate the original meaning as exactly as possible while retaining the original expression of the text.

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