Perogie Pies

In Ukrainian these perogie-shaped pockets stuffed with either cabbage, meat, potatoes, mushrooms, cherries or anything else are referred to as “pirozhki” aka “пиріжки” or “пирожки” in Russian. I made mine look like grande-size perogies for the heck of it, but you can shape in anyway you want. No rules here as long as it turns out delicious.

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Fluffy Cats Magnolia

You know those fluffy, hairy flower buds that appear in early spring on magnolia trees? Yeah, I confused them with the ones on the “pussy willow” tree. They are often called “kotiki” in which “kot” directly in translation means “cats” but adding “iki” at the end makes it diminutive, making it sound more gentle and  affectionate like saying “kitty”.

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Magical Winterbloom

I encountered witch hazel for the first time at Cootes Paradise in March of this year. This nature sanctuary in Burlington is one of my favourite places to go for a long walk and take pictures. There was a cold breeze. Everything was grey. Not a splash of colour could be seen throughout the entire park, except for the numerous red cardinals perched amid the trees.

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