Flowers of the Heart

The lily-of-the-valley is one of my favourite flowers. Maybe it’s that cute petals open-in-day-light and closed-in-no-light routine that they do, otherwise known as nyctinasty. Or wait, is that another flower? And the one pictured above? No idea, I’ll find out later.

Anyway, here’s a flower ballad for you:

Where are you my flower?
At this depressing hour.

The world I will scour,
Using my willpower.

My hate I will devour,
Please do not cower.

My love will not sour,
Please do not glower.

I need you by my side,
Please do not hide.

I am not qualified,
I am not certified,
Nor am I justified,
To be here bedside,
Are you horrified?
A little mystified?

I need you my bloom,
Even if it’s my doom.

Come be with me,
I know I’m nobody,
So will you decree,
That we are at sea?
To make me carefree,
To free me of reality.

My illusion is vast,
As tall as my mast,
I sail along steadfast,
We learn by contrast,
By today and the past.

Audio version:

Author: ivan

I enjoy taking snapshots of nature, wildlife, scenic views or other things I find along the way. I enjoy taking bird photos the most. This is a blog with my photos and commentary. You may also find funky recipes, sketchy poems, random quotes or something off topic.

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