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You know those fluffy, hairy flower buds that appear in early spring on magnolia trees? Yeah, I confused them with the ones on the “pussy willow” tree. They are often called “kotiki” in which “kot” directly in translation means “cats” but adding “iki” at the end makes it diminutive, making it sound more gentle and  affectionate like saying “kitty”.

Why call them kitty branches? After doing some research, I found that “kitty branches” is just another way of saying it. Apparently, in Irkutsk, Russia they are referred to as “bunny branches” or “bunnies”. Some people also call them “sheep branches” or just “earrings”.

I can see it already. A couple hard-working ancient Slavs tending to their cherished poppyseed flowers. After a hard day out in the blazing sun, they spot a pussy willow tree in the distance and see something fluffy resting on its branches. Seeing it for the first time, one mistakes it for cats, another for sheep, the third for earrings while the last for a “pillow”.

The photo above is of a magnolia tree in Oakville, Ontario.

Couldn’t find a pussy willow, so this one will have to do.

Anyway, here’s a magnolia ballad for you:

The magnolia tree,
Looks more lordly,
Than any marquis,
Seems more happy,
Than any divorcee,
Filled with more glee,
Than any rich retiree.

In early spring it comes,
Go easy on the drums,
Save all those hums,
No need for thumbs,
It isn’t sour plums,
Watch what becomes.

The magnolia flower,
Wields great power,
Just like a sunflower,
Both always tower,
At a happy hour.

The branches you see,
Standing by the Yangtze,
Staring at the Black Sea,
Dreaming of a manatee,
Munching on a chickpea,
Searching for a banshee,
Throwing out potpourri,
Ending up in Tennessee,
Pocketing a lone rupee,
What was in my tea?

Someone sees cats,
Dressed up in hats,
Looking like diplomats,
Resting like acrobats,
Branches their habitats.
Cozy like a pair of flats,
You can check the stats.

Someone sees sheep,
They forgot to sleep,
The fall was too steep,
The well was too deep,
The tea was too cheap,
Just enjoy it don’t weep.

What about bunnies?
They give me funnies.

I love you magnolia,
Take me to Mongolia.

Audio version:

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