Husky Eyes

My dog’s name is Cherry. She gets a lot of compliments each time I take her for a walk. What do I get? Sweaty. My dog looks better than me, so  I’m the equivalent of a garden bush that looks so ordinary no one really notices it, unless it catches fire or something.

Anyway, here’s a husky ballad for you:

I went for a walk with my husky,
At a time of day that was dusky,
Just as it was getting very gusty.

We passed by a squirrel,
It pooped with a hurl.

We dropped by a cat,
They got into a spat.

We noticed a bulldog,
No hope for dialogue.

We sniffed out a skunk,
That looked like a hunk.

We peed by a tree,
Around two or three,
The view was crappy,
I wish I were at sea,
Holding a master key,
Wielding a machete,
Ideally near Hawaii,
Drinking herbal tea,
Answering to nobody,
It was not a mystery.

My husky felt strongly,
That I had very wrongly,
Emotions running hotly,
Assumed so promptly,
Things turned out awfully.

Audio version:

Author: ivan

I enjoy taking snapshots of nature, wildlife, scenic views or other things I find along the way. I enjoy taking bird photos the most. This is a blog with my photos and commentary. You may also find funky recipes, sketchy poems, random quotes or something off topic.

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