Perogie Pies

In Ukrainian these perogie-shaped pockets stuffed with either cabbage, meat, potatoes, mushrooms, cherries or anything else are referred to as “pirozhki” aka “пиріжки” or “пирожки” in Russian. I made mine look like grande-size perogies for the heck of it, but you can shape in anyway you want. No rules here as long as it turns out delicious.

Anyway, here’s a perogie ballad for you:

I crave for some perogies,
The real thing not phonies!

Mix in the honey,
Stop being so funny,
Don’t scare the bunny,
Or lose all your money.

Mix in the yeast,
Enough for a beast,
A hungry priest,
Or a great feast.

Add in a cup of kefir,
And stay put here.

Mix in the flour,
Watch the hour,
Don’t be dour,
For it will sour.

Knead and spread,
Try to look ahead,
Get in a bobsled,
Forget the garlic bread,
Ignore the dragon’s head,
Across the magic riverbed,
Have I been mislead?

Take out your cutter,
Coat them with butter,
Without a single utter.

It’s perogies I want,
Not a French croissant,
Baked in Vermont,
What is this a taunt?

Add in your filling,
Without any spilling,
Isn’t this thrilling?

Pop’em in to bake,
Take a short break,
Or do a doubletake,
For your own sake,
The more you make,
The more you take,
Make no mistake.


Author: ivan

I enjoy taking snapshots of nature, wildlife, scenic views or other things I find along the way. I enjoy taking bird photos the most. This is a blog with my photos and commentary. You may also find funky recipes, sketchy poems, random quotes or something off topic.

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