Takoyaki Please!

Do you enjoy octopus balls? I will say “yes”, “quick” and “please” to a serving of takoyaki in three different languages. It’s heaven in your mouth. I’ve yet to try them in Japan, but that’s been on my bucket list since 1989.

Anyway, here’s a takoyaki ballad for you:

I need some takoyaki,
It’s better than hockey,
Or wearing pants in khaki,
Paired with a film by Miyazaki.

Who would have thought,
Giving octopus balls a shot,
Would really hit the spot.

Hand me a plate quickly,
I’m acting very prickly,
My hunger is so grizzly,
That I urge you to strictly,
Stop making me feel guilty.

What I want is quite tasty,
That I urge you to be hasty,
So now please be racy,
Don’t be this lazy.

You can call me crazy,
Or a mountain daisy,
Wait everything’s hazy.

I’ve just taken a bite,
My mind has taken flight,
My brain is tied to a kite,
My reason set up a campsite,
My logic got into a bullfight,
My heart is filled with delight,
On this takoyaki-filled night.

I see now in hindsight,
That I’m no playwright,
I’ll just enjoy the twilight,
While all the bees unite,
Tomorrow in the sunlight.

Audio version:

The takoyaki picture featured in this post is from Kinton Ramen, it’s my favourite ramen place! Hearty broth, lots of noodles and yummy sidedishes! So far, Kinton has the best takoyaki in Toronto in my personal opinion. A post about ramen is in the works.

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