Soviet Express

[pixel game] #inprogress

A retro-pixel sidescrolling strategy/action/adventure game for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

The art will be heavily influence by Soviet modernism, featuring well-known architecture, monuments and symbols. The game will also be heavily reliant on black humor to guide the player along. The story will be an adventure revolving around a Soviet citizen’s trip across the former Soviet Union (the USSR). The player will need to collect items, interact with people, bribe police, fight drunkards and choose their party affiliation to get to the top in the social hierarchy of their locale. They will be able to collect various clothing, engage in illegal trading and find rare items to progress.

I am currently developing the concept art and working on a demo, followed by a gameplay video. A more complete list of features and plot will be presented once more artwork and demo gameplay is ready. Interested? Sign up for my newsletter to get updates! Thank you!