Umma Gamma: Experimental Edition

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What is Umma Gamma?

The goal of this coloring book is to find as many words as possible from each letter collage and to color them in! Each collage has been created using an initial list of words. This list will be provided next to each letter collage. Beside this list, is a space for you to write in any additional words you have managed to find. You can mark off each word found as you find it or ignore the list altogether and find individual words at your own pace. You many even choose not to find any words at all! Just color in the letters as you deem fit! You can DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF EDITION TO PRINT below to print and color in! Check out the video review above by Jennifer Rose Shaffer, the admin of The Creative Coloring Book Group!

Umma Gamma is a word collage coloring book. How does it work? Each page contains a unique hand-drawn letter collage consisting of multiple words. The goal is to find all the words and create other words using the letters! Color them in as you want! A list of words used to create the original letter jumble is present for reference. This is an experimental publication. Huh? What does the mean? It is a limited run with a minimal number of collages (only 10!)

With your support, I will be able to expand upon this concept and create a more expanded edition with between 50-100 letter collages or possibly more than that! I would also love to implement this concept in as many different languages as possible.

Umma Gamma is currently available on Amazon or as a FREE to download PDF.

Buy the paperback on Amazon for $6