Umma Gamma: Random Letter Edition

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The Umma Gamma: Random Letter Edition is a challenging and frustrating word search coloring book. This edition is not for you if you prefer casual coloring! I highly recommend that you download some FREE COLORING PAGES on my website to try out at first before buying.

Contained in this coloring book is a collection of 60 letter collages and a list of words that make up each one. The letters of each word on the list have been split up and randomly jumbled across the page. This makes finding a word hard, but not impossible. A tip: if you use a different color for each word, you might be impressed by the results! Each letter on the list is circular, which allows you to color in or mark that letter as found. This will help you keep track of your progress as you move forward.

IMPORTANT: The best way to color in this edition is using color pencils. This edition cannot handle certain methods of art well (such as watercolor paints or liquid markers). Amazon’s Createspace does not provide an option to select a higher, more durable paper grade for coloring books published through its platform.

If you want to see more editions of Umma Gamma please support the idea by leaving a review on Amazon and checking out my other projects.

NOTE: Umma Gamma is a series of word search coloring books created by Ivan Samokish to improve focus. Each edition combines a unique method of letter collage generation to create a coloring book/game hybrid.