Umma Gamma is a simple, refreshing take on the word puzzle gaming genre. With multiple levels of beautiful, high resolution word collages, it’s up to the player to find all the words in each puzzle! This is a personal project.

The game will feature multiple levels of high resolution letter collages and challenge the player to find all the words in each puzzle. Each individual letter collage will be composed from a list of thematic words, the letters of which will be jumbled around the game screen. The player must select the letters from the jumbled collage to form word combinations. Points are earned for each word formed from the list, while additional points are earned for extra words formed that were not on the list.

Choose your unique username, create your own profile, upload your avatar and unlock unique badges when you discover extra words! The faster you discover words in the puzzle, the higher your score. The more additional words you find, the higher your bonus score! Move up the leaderboard and compare your ranking with other players.

Our team is still testing the waters with Umma Gamma’s gameplay by toying with the overall principles of the word collage puzzles, graphical style and user interface, Ideally, we want to keep the mechanics as simple as possible but the graphics as beautiful as possible.

Umma Gamma is an concept from Ivan Samokish, an aspiring author. The name is inspired by the Pink Floyd album Ummagumma, but with a slight twist: “um” in Russian means “mind” or “thoughts” while “gamma” was added to represent “game” or “gaming” aspect, so in effect it is a symbiosis of two languages to imply “thoughts game”.

The main idea and gameplay revolves around a central letter collage (a puzzle) composed of a specific list of themed words (love, hope, time, etc.) arranged in a unique graphic design. The player must find all the words they can in the puzzle. The more words a player finds, the higher their score! A soothing Zen-inspired soundtrack will play throughout the game to boost focus! The rules of the game are very straightforward: the goal is to find as many words as possible in any given word collage, with a minimum number of words needed to unlock the next word collage.

Each “level” of the game will feature a certain number of puzzles (letter collages). At first, the player will have access to only the first level and the first puzzle. To unlock the second puzzle in the level (and therefore proceed with the game) the player must find a minimum number of words in each letter collage. For example, a given collage/puzzle might have about 10 words chosen by us, if you find our 10 words, you earn a score for each word and unlock the next puzzle. If you find more additional words (not conceived by us, but possible due to the letter combinations), you get a higher score and unlock a bonus!

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